Monday, October 7, 2013

Home, I'm back here.

According to your tweet (s), maybe you sound more angry than I am..yea, probably. I would just tell you that I've no pride, nothing to lose as always cause I'm no one whether among my "friends" or even at home. Yes, I do not have the kind of money, that's for sure..I dont have quality relationship, dont just say friends, love..even my family.. I'm born to very sensitive in things if you wanna say, im very fast sure there's a term or two for who I am, maybe not in malaysia, maybe U.S. the psychologist will know..whatever it is..people might think like you as well, I'm trying to hide or push away but I certainly don't find or mean that at all. All I am today is what I am in fact. Maybe you didnt see it earlier but you see it now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

seeing you through the glasses
why am i waiting when
they're already looking great
looking from a distance
why "waiting outside the line" played
you dare to say you're afraid when
you've already got the guts waiting there
it's almost half an hour
and there's not return
the radio plays "someone like you" now
i turned my head and look around
it's gone,walking out to the street
hided then speed off quickly
cause i'm..

i do a lot of thinking before i go to sleep
play scenes in my head
practice the things i want to say
have endless what IFs
make plans for the next day
think of all the people i miss
think of the one i love the most
ask myself a lot of questions
and no one's replying me except
my future...


Saturday, December 17, 2011

i've always been waiting
for the weekend to spend my time with you
every single day i sit in the office
that's soundless if the radio's off
is like a some haunted villa

tons of work that i know i'll never get to finish
tons of work and tons of thinking of you is different
as i look forward every weekend,i only hope you're free to be with me

i now the days are not any longer
i know i'm caring for you very much
i know this is a joke,still i keep saying

i don't know how do you feel for me
i don't know how much you actually care for me
i don't know where do i stand in you

no matter what it's ,i just hope to stand by you when you needed me
looove youu.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

who's that girl,i love her

non-stop looking at your pics
talking and spending the time
keep on hinting how much i do

yes,i miss you millions
finding my ways to be there
love that cannot be told
how do you feel,how do you?

i know this is dumb
saying all over this loud
hiding away so hard

all i'd wish is just your hands
keeping it warm when you're cold
holding it when you need
spending some nice moments

couple with you would be
would be i don't know
i don't know the exact word for it
for it is who you're
you're the one that i'll be waiting

the words are broken:
i wish you're back soon,so that i know what to do
i want to be with you,to show you how much i do

you'll be back for awhile,like a chance for me
you'll stay and go again,like the way plane flies me

i don't know if my wish would come through
i do understand if you can't make through

would you be my part time lover when you arrive?


Friday, September 9, 2011

the kiss you've missed

remember the time i sent you home,i closed your eyes
i wanted to give you a kiss,the one that you'll never forget
told myself i must and i must,i can't miss the chance
in the end,the reason why it didn't happen was
you walked away too fast..

hope there's next time,please stay longer with me

Monday, August 15, 2011

time flies

there's a point where no one listen to your opinion
they don't even want to hear anything from you
don't even want to let your mouth open
this moment is somehow what you're not seeking for but it happens

Everyone wants to be care
humans have feelings,even pets
but do you really understand that
have really look how you threatened me

who and where do i belong at this time
can anyone please tell me,please..
come and walk with me
let me know more things that i don't know

right here :'\

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the result of some failed love

couple or not,hope or without,didn't even care much though,there ain't gonna be any good if we stop talking,you lose,i lose and what is that for? for the sake of preventing something? for the sake of the sake?? no one's gonna be happy,right? can we just don't care bout all these worries,don't care bout being a pair or don't since none has ever ask,wipe it off with what happened,big fuss & stuff like that..forget the sadness & live peacefully? you don't feel any good,so for me right now..frustration runs all around our mind,if that keeps on..we're gonna die.

there were no asking of couple,i don't know what shit happened,let's just live on,be natural,look positively ahead & let's see what's coming rather than trying to defend something that..hasn't even started or we don't know? Defend is not the way to win something but just to prevent or prolong the attacks till you fall and please don't draw a wall infront of you that we ourself can't even climb over and which would eventually fall back & pressure on us. with that,the cycle will just appear over & over again.

the devil in this mind has getting around non-stop,don't know how long more will this goes on. the time where a person can't resist his tears,can't control what he's doing,feel like vomit,headache & sickness out of nowhere,that's kinda out of mind,he might just do something wrong then gone. the kind of worries on individual yet personally towards themselves,apologizes just in case if anything goes wrong,the ruin to the related person,this man might just go anytime,like purely anytime..he's afraid,really afraid.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


so much of things getting done & fail,as the summer comes closer to the end,i ended up playing paintball with cina gang! well,we went all the way to selayang,17 of us..not all cina btw but that's fine,the most important thing was we had some great fun. Hero,failures,epic all did well running over,win or lose doesn't mater as long we enjoy! oh ya..i became pro-rer than i was,didn't got any shot after my first round,4rounds 1 out..not bad at all :P

since we're down at selayang,let's go desparkcity! we frisbeed there then sat down by the lake looking at dogs & b******! kidding..there were all cute dogs & puppy. so many,chowchow,husky,poodle,schnauzer..all kinds as you fellow's pet! dinner were at the most famous in da area which is SAI GONG down below at Manjalara before spreading back home!